Brad Frick sent some pictures of the High School deconstruction. Now we are seeing some of the finished product! Click on the camera to view.

So there was a party.....

On August 14 a group of about 20 or so gathered at 

The Rusty Bucket on Lane Avenue for a "Mini-Reunion."

The next day was an Open House at the new high school

and it was a "WOW!" experience for everyone.

To see pictures of the party, click on the glass.


Exciting things are happening at our old stomping grounds. On the Upper Arlington High School website, there is an article and slideshow about our old school building and what is to come in August. There will be a tour in August for those interested in what the future generations of UAHS students will have available to them in the new high school. Here are links for you to see the events:


Hello fellow classmates!

If you are wondering, no, we are not planning on a 55th year reunion this year. The decision was not made by any specific group or person, but a general feeling that no one (including other UAHS classes) thought it was a good idea to plan something this year. Covid 19 is still a big problem in Ohio as well as many areas of the country. Vaccinations are not universally completed,  traveling can be dicey and planning is not something anyone is taking on for this year. Please take the questionnaire to the right and let us know what you think and what suggestions you may have.


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Message from a classmate: 

When I was going to UAHS I was interested in becoming a photographer. I guess the fellow taking class photos at the time helped with that idea since he drove a split window Corvette! But, I have about 200 negatives which I took at high school athletic events; basket ball, baseball, track, cross-country and wrestling. I have lost any interest in scanning them for reproduction and identifying the people in the photos. Is anyone interested in scanning the photos for the class and distributing them to those interested??? Who should I send them to? I asked a school administrator about a year ago if they knew anyone in our class to discuss this with but I got nowhere with that approach. I have scanned some photos and would like to send them to who ever would be interested in them, but the remainder, I estimate 200, are still un-scanned.


submitted by Fred Foreman


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Upper Arlington is in the process of building a new high school and updating many of the elementary schools. On this beautiful Easter morning, I took some photos of our high school and the construction site of the new high school being constructed on the south east corner of Zollinger and Brandon just west of the Marv Moorehead Stadium. It is huge!

submitted by Kay Helman