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On July 2, 2023 a group of classmates gathered at the Rusty Bucket restaurant in Lane Center for an informal get-together.

Click here for pictures: 


We had our Class Mini-Reunion!

Over the 2022 Fourth of July weekendwe had a gathering on Saturday evening and a couple of activities on July 3. It was great to see each other and we missed those who were unable to attend. Click the links below to see the crowd!

Party at Tino's on July 2 and

Watershed Distillery on July 3 and

Columbus Pedal Wagon on July 3

American Flag Balloon
American Flag Balloon

There was a great group showing up for the visit to Columbus of three of our classmates, "The Out-of-Towners". Pictures can be viewed here.

Tonight's 2022 Upper Arlington High School Baseball Hall of Fame induction ceremony was long-awaited, greatly anticipated and super fun.

We were all in high spirits and good cheer because our good friend and great teammate Gus Crim, who has already been recognized and honored for his athletic achievements on the football gridiron and basketball court, added baseball to his field of accomplished dreams.

Gus is now the third starting teammate from our great 1966 (17-6) baseball team to be so honored. Gus was preceeded by first baseman John N Vicki Knox and center fielder Jim McKenzie. We were joined by fellow Class of 66er friend (aka, team attorney) Bradley Frick.

It's worth noting can that we can still field our starting lineup! Yea baby!


Roster (From left to right: Jim Howison (3rd baseman), Gus Crim (pitcher), John Knox (first baseman), John Michael Spinelli (shortstop), Bruce Babbitt (right fielder), Bradley Frick (team attorney), Jim McKenzie (center fielder).Not in attendance but present in spirit: Bill Howell (catcher), Kent Hay (left field), Chip Neale (2nd baseman).


There isn't a better time or occasion to say thanks to all my teammates for a lifetime of great friendship, great camaraderie, great memories. Some of the best years of young life were spent in the company of you guys, on and off the baseball diamond. 

The New High School is now complete. To see some images of the Open House, as shown on The Columbus Dispatch click here

On August 14 a group of about 20 or so gathered at  The Rusty Bucket on Lane Avenue for a "Mini-Reunion." The next day was an Open House at the new high school and it was a "WOW!" experience for everyone. To see pictures of the party, click here.

Brad Frick sent some pictures of the High School deconstruction. Now we are seeing some of the finished product! Click here to view.

When I was going to UAHS I was interested in becoming a photographer. I guess the fellow taking class photos at the time helped with that idea since he drove a split window Corvette! But, I have about 200 negatives which I took at high school athletic events; basket ball, baseball, track, cross-country and wrestling. I have lost any interest in scanning them for reproduction and identifying the people in the photos. Is anyone interested in scanning the photos for the class and distributing them to those interested??? Who should I send them to? I asked a school administrator about a year ago if they knew anyone in our class to discuss this with but I got nowhere with that approach. I have scanned some photos and would like to send them to who ever would be interested in them, but the remainder, I estimate 200, are still un-scanned.


submitted by Fred Foreman


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