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Saturday, July 2, 2016 was a trip down memory lane. We met at the our old high school and tried to find something that looked familiar. Over 50 years, the building, like us, changed a lot. 

The event began with a Memorial Service for those of us who have passed and it was very moving. More information about the Memorial Service is on the In Memoriam page.

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Saturday evening was our Main Event, held at the Blackwell Inn on the OSU campus. We had a lot of room to roam around and meet and chat with classmates we missed seeing earlier. We enjoyed a lovely dinner and there was a presentation of a check to the school as our gift to the school media center. Dan Ryan started off the music with a walk down memory lane and the oldie but goodies from when you could actually understand the lyrics!

Saturday Night at The Blackwell

Saturday Night photo booth

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